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Verified Resident

This is a great place to live if you are looking for something that is very affordable for a great amount of space. The maintenance guys were the nicest people ever and never failed to say hi or make your day! The front office staff and very helpful as well and will always answer your questions and address your concerns in a timely manner. Grounds are always spotless and beautiful, just wish the pool was cleaned more. Overall, highly recommend Rosemont Park Apartments!

Verified Resident

Thanks so much to the professional maintenance staff! The have been doing their level best to make an difficult situation so much better. My husband and I very pleased and know our confidence in them is well placed.

Safety and enjoyability at Rosemont Park Apartments has been improving thanks to efforts of management and maintenance teams. Whether I am requesting a repair, reporting a concern or just picking up packages, I like being able to trust that things will be taken care of. The grounds are very pretty and when it??s not too hot, people like to walk around, cook out, or just sit outside together. There is a pleasant feeling of Community here.

From the first showing, to applying and renting process, Noel and Sara went beyond other rental properties in customer service. Their hospitality extends beyond most others average interaction and made signing our lease feel like a coming home experience. Thank you Rosemont Park Apartments for being kind and standing out from the rest!

I moved to the Sacramento area recently and when looking for an apartment I got a lot of honest and helpful information about the community and the city from Keisha, who works in the office. Right after I moved in I found out a new management company was coming in, and if that company is smart they will keep the office staff around: the staff are very personable and easy to reach, and I would be sad to see them go.

Safety and enjoyability at Rosemont Park Apartments has been improving thanks to efforts of management and maintenance teams. I??m noticing a growing feeling of loyalty to this staff because their efforts are having a positive impact. Whether I am requesting a repair, reporting a concern or just picking up packages, I appreciate that Keisha is so welcoming and well organized. I like being able to trust that things will be taken care of. In addition to all the usual things an apartment manager does, our manager, Amy Scott is working to foster a sense of community for us. She has organized community activities at the pool, cookout, and garden area and has improved upkeep of these pleasant common spaces. As neighbors are getting to recognize and know one another better we are happier and safer here. I think the grounds are very pretty and when it??s not too hot, people like to walk around or just sit outside together here.

I??ve lived her for a year and a half now and I LOVE IT !!!! Amy and Keisha are AMAZING. The are really the Best office team I have EVER dealt with. They both are very humble, respectful, polite and still professional. Keisha definitely makes sure things get done ! I definitely would refer these apartments to anyone because of the nice apartments and the AMAZING office staff.

The staff here at Rosenont are VERY nice. Maintenance responds in a timely manner. The apartment are clean and quiet. The only thing that I would have to say is that theses apartment are NOT wheelchair friendly. There is only 1 ramp in the entire apartments. I do not have access to the mailbox are pool spa and the other Entrances\Exits in the apartments. Hopefully in the near future Rosemont will be more wheelchair friendly. There is one day a car was blocking the wheelchair ramp and the manager and security guard werw nice enough to help me on to the sidewalk. I would like to thank Kiesha and Amy. These two women are very nice and go out of there way to make sure I I have everything I need and that I am comfortable. I would also like to thank Allen for always making me top priority when it comw to maintenance.

Just moved in and so far so good! Minor maintenance issues have been taken care right away, friendly staff all around and very accommodating when it comes pets! The actual apartment is spacious and has plenty of room for storage compared to other apartments. Would recommend!

Keisha is always very proffessional and accommodating! Allan the maintenance man does so much for this place. I'm very happy to have them here.

I moved in here february 2019 and have had nothing but the BEST experience, especially with the manager Keisha Smith! She is an outstanding woman. Always prompt to responded to any questions or issues ive come across and very professional! I hope she does not go anywhere anytime soon because honestly we might uproot and leave as well. Keisha has been so hard working and a pleasure to go to. Thank you rosemont park for wonderful managers like her! Makes my stay here 100000x better than the already wonderful and peaceful property.

I absolutely love living here at Rosemont Park Apartments! The staff is so Amazing!! Keisha is so wonderful!! The whole Management staff is wonderful! Comparing to the other apartments I??ve rented from, this is by far the most well kept place I??ve ever lived in! The maintenance team is wonderful!! Whenever I do I have an issue, which is minor, they take care of it quickly and efficient. What a Great team they all are!!! Thank you all for keeping these places so nice! You are all so nice and AMAZING!!! I pray that this team of staff stay!! They are the best!!!

The staff here have been incredibly helpful for me and my partner since we??ve moved here back in June. The Assistant Community Manager, Keisha, was extremely useful during my application process and she was definitely the most professional person I??ve ever been in contact with during the time I was looking for a good apartment complex, which was very much appreciated. The management here is also very good at staying in contact with us residents when needed which is great too and maintenance request are handled in a very timely manner also. This is a great complex with an awesome staff.

I recently moved to Sacramento and the Rosemont Park Staff made my move very easy. Always pleasant and helpful. A special Thank You to Keisha, who from start to finish was always there when I had a question regarding my move.

My parents have lived in this amazing community for years.Throughout years of visiting them from Oakland,CA and back ,I definitely wanted to stay here permanently!! The management team and staff makes it Soo comfortable to live here it's like they are FAMILY as well.I finally moved in the Apartments and other than wanting to purchase a home,I wouldn't want my family living anywhere else.Rosemont Park Apartments is constantly updating and adding New features to accommodate the residents,and when it comes to maintenance if you need it Done Allen is on the run to come!! Even if it's After hours!There's a beautiful heated pool and jacuzzi right next to the luxurious gas BBQ Grills with picnic area,surrounded by a beautiful garden of fresh fruits and vegetables grown from residents and staff. With a DOG park as well as A#1 Security crew .I could go on and on...but if you're looking for a place to call home JUST COME ON!! Because Rosemont Park Apartments is where you and your family belongs.Thank you Kesha and Amy for welcoming my family and I !! There's no place like HOME!!!

5 stars for Amy, the manager of Rosemont Park! She is awesome, and the main reason I stay! The apartments are okay...slightly over-priced, but they're cute. The grounds are nice, and they have garden plots you can rent. Also, they are really pet friendly! Having said all that, my favorite thing about this place is Amy. Jill Scott is probably competition from another complex or someone who stays here without being on the lease. Wither way...Amy is awesome and Jill is a crazy hag.

I love it here at Rosemont Park Apartments. I truley feel at home here. The staff here are awesome and Amy Scott is not afraid to get here hands dirty in the garden. Laundry Rooms, pool, and Grounds are always clean. The once a month community get together especially The movie at the pool nites are so much fun. Keep up the Great Work Staff.

I have lived here for 3years. The staff really bends over backwards to make this a enjoyable place to live. I am very happy here,will probably stay until I buy a house. Can??t think of anything bad to say about it. I really don??t like apartment liveing. Yet here it is so peaceful and nice, Sometimes I forget it??s a apartment. Such a great place to live. If I didn??t already live here I would move here. I highly recommend this complex.

I live in one of the townhouses. It is my first apartment where I'm starting from 0. I had a bad situation in the beginning of the year that is now resolved. Finding Rosemont Park Apartments was one of the best things that have happened to me. Keisha has been so patient with me. I'm still figuring things out and she understands that. Instead of letting corporate run things, the managers actually manage. I had just left a place (see my reviews on Wedgewood/The Davenport) where corporate moved managers in and out. They had robotic people and people who didn't listen to the complaints. I found out later though, it was mainly a bad corporation. However, they impacted me moving in because they weren't giving Keisha the information she needed. Still, yet again, her patience held out and I went from sleeping on the floor of an apartment to living in a home with my own garden and space for my dogs to run. I am truly, very happy and very thankful to be here. I can feel the tears welling up as I write. I wish I could express my gratitude for not just finding a place to live, but a home. I thank them so much for taking a chance on a girl who just got a new job and was left to the birds at her old place.

5 stars for all the efforts that they did for us to give us the apartment that we looking for, for a reasonable price, i seen the property manager on one cold morning giving coffee and donuts by the property gate for residents leaving to work, For the fast response when it comes to maintenance.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RENTING HERE !

I just moved in and my apartment is really nice looking, the carpet is nice and the hardwood looks new. The closet in the bedroom get stuck sliding sometimes but everything else is nice. Apartments more of a 4 star but Keisha earned that extra star. Really helpful and fast response times. I think I'm going to really enjoy living here if all the staff are trained as well as Keisha.

Great new manager